Experience and Trust

When it comes time to sell your home, there are many worries that you might struggle with. The emotional burden of waiting months for a sale, the fear that your property might not sell, and other unknowable factors abound. While you can make the process a little more comfortable by choosing a successful real estate agent, that doesn’t significantly alleviate your burdens.

At 603 Properties, we fundamentally change the process by making same-day cash offers for your property. We’re the home buyer that you can trust to pay you a fair price, on-time.

Make Selling Your Home Easy

While selling your home normally may take three months or more, selling your home with us can take three days or less. Once you express interest in a cash offer for your home, we’ll evaluate your property on the basis of potential value. Whether your home has structural problems or needs repairs, it won’t deter us from buying it. We’ll evaluate the pricing and offer a fast, guaranteed cash payment by the next day.

Proven and Reliable Day One Financing

The uncertainty of home sales is one of the major obstacles to selling, and this is one issue that we resolve with our speed of home buying. Even when someone agrees to a traditional sale, it’s always possible they’ll pull out at the last minute. With 603Properties, you’ll be able to rest assured in a quick, positive decision and an immediately payable cash offer.

Meet Gordon Thorton

As a real estate agent specializing in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, I enjoy using the skills that I have attained throughout my career to help people through the process of buying and selling real estate. Sellers upgrading or downsizing, first-time home buyers, investors, short sales and bank owned properties are all aspects of real estate that I have experience with and am ready to explain the variety of processes that makes each one unique and provide you with the support and service you need to get through the process.

Deep Community Ties

Our agency makes purchases all around America, and we do this with the help of real estate experts within the communities where we operate. The price that we purchase your home at comes from the insight and good intentions of people who might have sold homes for your own friends and loved ones. This authenticity and regional experience have helped us earn the trust of countless home sellers across the US.

A Tradition of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the heart of our business model and is one of the core appeals of our method of buying homes. You can see this for yourself by checking out testimonials from people who’ve sold their homes with us before. Without fail, you’ll find an outpouring of positive sentiment where people speak to our expertise, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Sell Without Stress and Uncertainty

It’s not easy to sell a home, but we can make it a bit easier. As many sellers around the country have attested, we make selling your home as simple as placing a call. 603Properties will buy any home, and calling us is your next step if you want to sell yours quickly and without stress.

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Sell Your Home Tomorrow

We're the real estate experts to trust when it comes to a risk-free home sale. Get in touch today and we'll evaluate your property as quickly as possible, and be back to you within a day with a cash offer. If you're contemplating different ways to sell your home, you should start by requesting an obligation-free offer from us and make your choice then.