Frequently Asked Questions


Who usually sells their home to 603 properties?

Working with home and property owners across multiple real estate styles, 603 properties sees new clients needing to sell for various reasons. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Needing to sell a property they are unable to maintain or repair
  • Moving to another area for work or family
  • Liquidating assets due to past due payments or other financial hardship
  • Getting out from under a mortgage that has high interest rates or loan payments
  • Consolidating managed properties for easier rental maintenance

No matter the case, homeowners come to 603 properties knowing that they’ll receive the fair value they expect and need to meet their personal or financial goals.

What is the process to sell your home to 603 properties?

603 properties strives to make the home selling process as straightforward as possible. A member from our team of subject matter experts use their years of experience to both evaluate your property and explain the process along the way.

How much can I expect to be offered for my home?

After the initial review and visit with our property expert, you’ll be given an offer for your home in the exact state it’s currently in or “as is”. This offer will not change at closing, making the process even simpler.

The amount you’ll be offered is based on market value as well as condition. This allows 603 properties to give you the best offer available with fast turnaround times on closing.

What does “as is” mean when selling a property?

Selling a home “as is” simply means that you won’t have to worry about handling any repairs or issues you would in a traditional sale. 603 properties will handle all cleaning and repair work, discarding any items you no longer want while you take the rest with you on your next home endeavor.

Does New Hampshire have specific rules around home sales?

The sales contract for a home is called a purchase and sales agreement or P&S. There are only two primary styles of P&S agreements:

  • The New Hampshire Association of Realtors (“MAR”) Standard Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • The Greater Boston Real Estate Board (“GBREB”) Purchase and Sale Agreement

These sales agreements are designed to protect the buyer. Here are items covered by these agreements that apply to an “as is” purchase by 603 properties:

  • Sale Price – This will be the initial offer you received as 603 properties as we cover all closing costs and inspection fees that may be required by the state.
  • Property Description – Any existing issues or repairs known about for the purpose of having a reference point. We purchase the property understanding repairs may be necessary meaning you won’t have to pay for them before selling to us.
  • Personal Property/Excluded or Included Items – Due to the nature of “as is” selling, you’re able to specify which pieces of furniture and belongings you’re wanting to take with you and 603 properties will take care of the rest for you.
  • Closing and Move in/out Dates – We work with your schedule to draft the perfect timeline regarding closing and when you’re able to comfortably able to move out.

What is the closing process in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is heavily focused on protecting buyers in the real estate market with their P&S agreements. This lets the closing process speed up exponentially as all details have already been ironed out between the parties.

Typically you can expect the process to take a few business days as 603 properties stays prepared to make offers we can fill quickly. If you aren’t ready to move out yet, just let our talented agents know and we can form a plan that wraps the sale up nicely when you’re ready.

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