We Buy Houses Cash Columbus

We Buy Houses Cash Columbus

740 Cash Buyers is a trusted name in the cash-for-homes industry; we buy houses for cash in Columbus when homeowners need a quick and easy way to sell. Saving you time when you need to find a buyer for your home is just one of the many ways we can help when you’re ready to get your home sold; additional benefits of selling to our buyers include:

  • Zero fees and commissions
  • Zero closing costs
  • Quick closing in as few as two weeks
  • Avoid repairs and home improvements
  • No clean-up needed
  • Sell your home as-is
  • Receive an all-cash offer in record time
  • Sell your house for cash for any reason

Your Guide To Cash For Homes Programs- 3 Things To Consider

1. Many agencies that buy houses for cash are looking to purchase homes for pennies on the dollar; that’s not how we do things at 740 Cash Buyers. We’ll make you a fair market cash offer for the simple reason that we don’t want to waste your time or ours. You’re free to accept our cash offer if it makes sense to sell to us- there’s no pressure to move forward with the sale.

If you need cash to move or funding to purchase another home, you can sell a house fast to 740 Cash Buyers and walk away with money in the bank; our program is as easy as 1-2-3.

2. A less-than-reputable buyer may try to renegotiate their offer many times before closing day arrives. When you sell to 740 Cash Buyers, you won’t have to worry over matters such as this- we buy houses for cash; the offer we make is what we’ll pay you at closing. Be aware that not all companies that buy houses for cash have your best interest at heart. What separates us from our competitors is our commitment to making sure our clients make the right decision when selling their home for cash.

3. Do you have a unique situation that the bank doesn’t understand, such as taxes owed, mortgage payments in arrears, or a condemned house that won’t pass a bank’s inspection? When you sell to a cash buyer, your home and property won’t have to pass an inspection or be brought up to code before it can sell. In fact, we buy houses for cash in Columbus, OH in any condition, even houses that require extensive renovations and home improvements. Sell your home to us as-is instead of spending thousands of dollars on repairs and walk away with more cash in your pocket.

No matter what your situation looks like, 740 Cash Buyers has a solution to the problem. By paying instant cash for your home, we can make it possible for you to move on with your life and make plans for your future. Everything starts with a fast & free phone call to 740 Cash Buyers to request your all-cash offer. Details about our cash-for-homes program are found on our website, as well as our contact information.

We Buy Houses Cash Columbus