Why Sell To Us

Most people sell their homes in the traditional manner in the hope of maximizing the sale price. That is to say, they hire a real estate agent to seek a buyer. This process might result in you getting the best sale price, but it’s usually also a long, arduous process. While we offer traditional sales, we also provide interesting alternatives such as cash offer and creative financing. If you want to make selling your home an easy, comfortable, and profitable experience, you should sell to us.

Trusted Community Members with Local Expertise

The cornerstone of our process is evaluating the current value of a property, as well as the potential value for a home. Whether a home has termites, water damage, or any other problem, we’ll buy with the intent of fixing it ourselves. We assess this latent potential with the help of a vast network of local real estate experts across the country. These are friends, neighbors, and other members of your community who have a history of doing good work in cities around the country.

We Buy Any Property

As mentioned, no sort of property damage will deter us from buying a home. Since our aim is to realize the full value of a home, we view these issues as essentially temporary. While repair costs figure into our valuations and the offers we make, there is no case where we will not be able to make you a fair offer on your home. If you’re having trouble finding a buyer or anticipate any sort of difficulties in selling, working with us is a no-brainer. For that matter, we also offer many options for selling that are suited to your own needs.

Many Financing Options

Customizing our sale services to the needs of the client is our primary concern in each sale. To this end, we offer a mix of traditional and non-traditional sale options that will help you save time and find the best deal.

Creative Financing

Creative financing is something of an umbrella term that covers most untraditional or unorthodox methods of selling a home. 603Properties is dedicated to helping people sell their homes and to that end we support all manner of unusual financing options.


In a traditional sale, we’ll put your home up on the market and look for a buyer. During the holding period, we’ll help you identify ways to prepare your property and maximize its sale value. If you expect to easily find a buyer, this can be an excellent option.

Cash Offer

Cash offer sales are the fastest and most simple way that you can sell your home to us. After arranging an expert valuation of your home as-is, we make you a cash offer within a day. Selling your home will be as simple as accepting that offer and walking away with your payment, though you of course have the right to decline.

Fast, Safe Process

The most important thing when it comes to selling your home is peace of mind. Making a cash offer to our agency is the best way to enjoy peace of mind, as we guarantee quick, reliable payment. This has the double benefit of letting you enjoy cash in hand without accruing holding fees while also making the sale emotionally easier. Our homes grow into important elements of who we are, and being able to sell on-demand, on your own terms relieves the emotional burden of separation.

Receive An Offer in 24 Hours

If you’re interested in selling your home, 603 Properties is the right choice. Get in touch with us today, and you can find yourself with a generous cash offer as soon as tomorrow.